excerpt from the Foreword

" This work is a collection of writings and drawings made by my grandmother, Ann Starling . . . . she had a unique ability to receive messages from others who had gone before her; that what seemed to be rambling monologues were actually one side of a dialogue between Ann and the Spirit World."

Reed Singleton

Dead Poems - the book

Deep within the dark bowels of a mental institution, abused and despairing of ever being free again, a young woman began to write a book of poetry. The young woman, who had been diagnosed as unresponsive and hopelessly insane, had not spoken or written a word since coming to the mental institute. She both amazed and perplexed her doctors and care givers by producing poem after poem, each one seemingly written in a different handwriting and style. As the days wore on and she began to communicate with her doctors, she would repeat one phrase time and again when they questioned her on what was compelling her to write the unusual and erratic poetry:
"The dead speak to me at night."

I bless the hands that tear away
Dark weeds upon my grave
Unfurling time's mossy grasp
Faith's witness story saves

The old headstones are sprinkled with
Blood poured like water free
And speak in holy oracles
Of what was done to me